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Activities We Can Arrange For You!

You can get excursions to the nearby attractions

Bird watching

Relaxing in the garden setting

Waterfall explorations

Dambadora Ella in 8 km away, Makeli Ella is 15 km away

Visiting of tea factories

explore the process of manufacturing tea starting from the tea plucking which is the initial step of the process.

Trekking in the mini jungles surrounded Mountain climbing.

Safe bathing in the water streams with natural spring water.

You can get excursions to the nearby attractions

Cycling through the tea, rubber plantations and rural sites

Safe bathing in water streams nearby

Visit a Tea factory & study the process

Witness rubber tapping

Benthota Beach - 15km

Bentota is a Sri Lankan coastal city located on the southern tip of the Galle District.Due to the coastal setting and number of natural reasons this place is called the hub of watersports in sri lanka. tota. The river Bentota Ganga is also flows through the area which makes a value addition.Bentota is a very pretty rural area: the greenery of the landscape is especially striking. Most of the areas are well shaded and sheltered by tall trees with the coconut palm tress dominating the landscape.


Pahiyangala Where the pre-historic man lived 37,000 years ago.Valuable fossils of the pre-historic man have been found in this pit.
A large rocky mountain loomed before us through the misty morning, when we were proceeding towards the village “Yatagampitiya” 5 km off Bulathsinhala in the Kalutara district, where an early human habitation existed thousands of years ago, today known as “Pahiyangala”.
Indeed, it is a wonderful creation of nature and we had to climb up a long flight of stone steps to reach the main cave, which formed like a cobra’s head naturally. Certainly, you will hold back your breath for a few seconds seeing the hugeness of this cave, measuring, 200ft in length and 150ft in height, supposed to be the largest rock cave in Sri Lanka and 3000 people could be sheltered in it very easily.
The cave has been divided into four sections of which the left side cave is the largest and is the centre of it. There is a deep pit dug out by the Archaeological Department for an excavation. Buried in this pit, fire human skulls have been recovered by the archaeologists headed by Dr. Shiran Deraniyagala, Commissioner of Archaeology and his assistant W. Wijeyapala.

Kukule Ganga - 30km

Kukule Ganga is an exciting area for an adventurer. There are many different places to see along the river and its close proximity. There are waterfalls like Makeliya Ella, Caves like Pahiyan Lena (Fa Hien) in addition to the picturesque river itself.

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