Day outing, conference & outbound programs

Diyaulpatha provides day outing facility even for a group of 1000. Not only day outing , Diyaulpatha is a very popular location for conference facility, out bound training, etc…Since the surrounded area provides lots of opportunities for adventure and nature lovers’, Diyaulpatha is a accommodation base for such travellers.

The Wedding Hall / Banquet Facility

There is a wedding hall to sit maximum of 300 guests at a time

For a wedding ceremony we provide Poruwa, Settee back, traditional oil lamp, registration table, buffet set.

As a special offer we provide a room for accommodation for the couple free of charge. ( the date will be the same day of the ceremony or any other date )


Our restaurant provides Eastern, Western, Chinese and Sri Lankan food selected from the menu.

You can taste mouth watering food without using food essence and flavors. We mostly used local area vegetables which used organic fertilizers only.

Large group buffet facility can also be arranged on prior request. We can cater even for a group of 1000 people.

Swimming Pool

The large swimming Pool is the new addition to the property and it makes the resort and ideal destination for large group day outings.

A baby pool is also available

The garden

The resort is located in a 10 acre tea estate and provides a wonderful setting for a relaxing holiday away from the hassle and bustle from the busy city life. The garden is a paradise for birds where you will get up in the morning to the sounds of the birds. The Giant Squirrel, Wild Boar, Porcupine, Sqirrel,Jungle Foul can be seen in the surrounded area.

Activities We can arrange for you

Bird watching

Relaxing in the garden setting

Trekking in the mini jungles surrounded Mountain climbing.

Safe bathing in the water streams with natural spring water.

Waterfall explorations – Dambadora Ella in 8 km away, Makeli Ella is 15 km away

Visiting of tea factories and explore the process of manufacturing tea starting from the tea plucking which is the initial step of the process.

You can get excursions to the nearby attractions